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You never know what you will see in a cemetery.  I'm not talking about ghosts, but there are strange things, sometimes it's a trick of the light, others, it's a broken coffins illuminated by a flash in an otherwise dark mausoleum and, occasionally, it will be the humor of death, whether by the deceased or by those left behind.

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Spooky Laura
Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 2003

A monument to a beloved child that has been corrupted over time by fungus and moss. She gazes at the rare visitor passing by through her one, remaining eye. Note the tattered spider's web on the left side of her head.
Sunken Cross
St. Ignatius Cemetery, Centrailia PA
January 13th, 2013

Known as The Silent Hill Town, Centrailia was used as the setting for the famous game and horror film. This huge cross sunk deep into the soft ground almost as if it were being swallowed.
Tousled Grave Stones
South Highland Methodist Cemetery, South Highland, NY, October 2003

These headstones are just left in a jumble, as if no one cares. Note the spooky reflection in the window on the left side.
Angel with Broken Face
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, New York (formerly Tarrytown, NY until 1996), October 2003

This angel's broken face is simply disturbing.
Mistress of Goat Castle
Natchez City Cemetery, Natchez, Mississippi March 2008

A murder most foul, town eccentric Miss Jennie's bullet ridden body found in THE GOAT CASTLE MURDERS.

Octavia Dockery, along with her companion Dick Dana, were originally suspects in the murder. Later, after being cleared, they charged twenty-five cents to enter the now-infamous mansion dubbed "Goat Castle".
Julia Buccola Petta, Italian Bride
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, Illinois, September 2006

At 29, Julia died in childbirth. Shortly after her burial, her mother, Filomena, began having visions where she saw her daughter was been buried alive. For over 6 years, she tried to have her daughter's body exhumed. Finally, she won. In the casket, they found Julia's body had not decayed. The "incorruptible" state in which she lay is often associated with saints, but is in fact a natural phenomena called adipocere, or grave wax.
Sunken Mausoleum
German Waldheim (Forest Home) Cemetery, Forest Park, IL
August 2008

The mausoleum only remains six feet above the ground. At one time, it had a short flight of stairs up to the door.
Coffin Inside Sunken Mausoleum
German Waldheim (Forest Home) Cemetery, Forest Park, IL
August 2008

Taken by sticking my arm through a small hole in the door of the Sunken Mausoleum with a flash, this amazing iron coffin appeared in the photograph. I don't think I see any traces of the body so what happened to the skeleton is a mystery.
2nd Coffin in the Sunken Mausoleum
German Waldheim (Forest Home) Cemetery, Forest Park, IL
August 2008

Taken by sticking my hand back into the tiny Sunken Mausoleum window. I will leave it to your imagination what is protruding from the break in the coffin.
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