Di Salvo Family Monument
Di Salvo Family Monument

Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, IL. Photography by A. Louise Myers. www.marbleorchard.com

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Di Salvo Family Monument

Mount Carmel Cemetery

Hillside, Illinois


This intricate family tableau is unusual amongst the overwhelmingly religious statuary of this Catholic cemetery. It honors the Mother and Father, Rosa and Angelo, 

buried here.  The mother is seated at the center of the monument, behind a small stone railing, her left hand resting on an open book. The detail in the carving, from the flowered vines cascading over the low railing to the lace on the womens' clothing, is astounding.  The sculpture sits on a turntable and rotates 360°, which is amazing considering it's weight.  


The marble carving is signed "LaRosa", Florence 1891.