Al Capone Grave
Al Capone Grave

Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, IL. Photography by A. Louise Myers.

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Al Capone


Mount Carmel Cemetery

Hillside, Illinois


One of the most notorious in gangland history, Capone made a fortune bootlegging, in prostitution and gambling rackets.  He orchestrated countless murders of rivals, disloyal colleagues and those who wouldn't go along with his criminal activities.  


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It seems every one in the Southeastern Wisconsin area claims to have some connection to Capone or knows someone who did.  I am no different.  For fourteen years, we lived in his mechanic's old house in East Troy.  Capone was a known frequenter, some say owner, of a cat house in nearby town Mukwonago called "Heaven City" (now a high end restaurant) so he occasionally stayed with his mechanic and friend, Arthur Vass.  Vass owned a very popular camp on Army Lake, which closed in the 1960's.  Some say Capone bought it for him, but this is pure speculation.


During the late 1970's two skeletons were found in the cornfield next to the house.  They had been there since the 1930's.  This sort of thing happened in the area every so often, but the stories of gang dumping in Wisconsin was fairly hushed up at the time.  


Capone earned the nickname “Scarface” at eighteen while working as a bouncer in Frankie Yale’s Brooklyn bar, the Harvard Inn. Capone’s left cheek and neck were cut after he insulted a patron and her brother pulled a knife to defend her honor. Capone always preferred to be photographed on his right side.

Capone talks with his attorney, Mike Ahern, in 1929.  Capone's final appeal of his eleven year tax evasion sentence was filed in 1932. He lost. (Photograph by Jun Fujita).