Gallery of Soldiers, Sailors & Flyers

​Monuments & memorials to fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen lost in war and other notable citizens.

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Great Lion at Rest
Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2005

The lion carved by T.M. Brady may be reminiscent of Bertel Thorvaldsen's “The Lion of Lucerne” in Switzerland, but it is a powerful memorial to the Unknown Confederate Dead, with the giant laying upon the Confederate flag.
Gettysburg Cemetery at Sunset
Civil War Gettysburg National Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA, October 2007

Headstones of the Civil War dead stand row after row as the sun sets. In the background is one of many memorial statues.
Cowboy, Horse and Rider Memorial
Boot Hill Cemetery, Ogallala, Nebraska
July 2008

They were buried with their boots on, as the old saying goes. Boot Hill is the final resting place for many early westerners -- cowboys, settlers and drifters alike. Ogallala was once a booming cow town, back when the Union Pacific Railroad opened a market for cattle. In May of 2007, this bronze sculpture was dedicated to the men of who drove those Texas Longhorns across the plains.
George S. Bangs, Mail Train
Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
September 2004

In 1875, Bangs created the Fast Mail service, establishing special trains that traveled between the major cities overnight to deliver the mail quickly to the major mail hubs. His first such train ran 900 miles between New York City and Chicago in one night, an almost unheard of delivery speed.
Haymarket Affair Riot Memorial
Waldheim (Forest Home) Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois, August 2008

The Haymarket Riot in Chicago in May of 1886 killed several people and resulted in a highly controversial trial, followed by the executions of four men who may have been innocent. The American labor movement was dealt a severe setback, and the chaotic events resonated for many years.
The Spirit of Nursing Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC
April 2013

The memorial was erected in 1938 to commemorate the service and humanitarian work of nurses in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Created by sculptor Frances Rich, this Moderne style statue is made of sturdy Tennessee marble. It stands amongst the graves of nurses from all branches of military service and honors their work.
Edward Gerl, WWI Veteran
Calvary Cemetery, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
June 2010

Pvt. Gerl was aboard the ship Tuscania, which while carrying American troops to Europe, was torpedoed in 1918 by the German U-boat UB-77. The front of the memorial reads, “Lost his life in the English Channel May 24, 1918”. The top of the tree stump says, “In Memory of Edward 1888 – 1918”. This is not an entirely uncommon piece of statuary, though it is in unusually fine condition.
Without Fear and Without Reproach
January 6, 1838 - August 6, 1864
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, CT, May 2005

"Brave, Just, Generous and
Pure, Without Fear and
Without Reproach."

General Griffin A. Stedman, Civil War, sculpture by John M. Moffit. Stedman was a gallant and distinguished citizen, soldier and noble man. When he was mortally wounded on Aug. 6th, 1864, it was said, the army had lost one of it's finest soldiers
Lincoln's Tomb
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois
April 2005

At the request of his loving wife, Mary, Abraham Lincoln’s remains were returned to his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. They were carried aboard a grand funeral train so citizens could come and mourn his loss. Nearly twenty days after his assassination, Lincoln was interred along with his son, Willie on May 4th, 1865. Young Willie had been buried in Washington, DC and was disinterred so he could be laid near his father.
Shuttle Columbia Disaster Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC
April 2013

February 1st, 2003, The Columbia Disaster, as it was termed, happened when at the end of its 28th mission, STS-107, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas and Louisiana during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in the death of all seven crew members.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC
April 2013

Corel Sherwood, Aviatrix
Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska
July 2008

Correl met Charles Lindbergh when they attended Lincoln Flight School together, and Lindbergh would often visit to help him work on building his airplane. He loaned Lindbergh money to leave Lincoln (a copy of the letter from Lindbergh returning the money is mounted on a marble pedestal next to Correl's grave marker). Upon his death, his mother Pearl received a letter from Charles Lindbergh expressing sympathy at Correl's passing.
Wreck of The Vernon
Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Twin Rivers, Wisconsin
June 2003

The passenger ship, Vernon, sunk on Lake Michigan near Twin Rivers, Wisconsin on Oct. 29, 1887. She departed for Chicago out of Mackinaw City. As the ship headed out across the lake, a northeast gale came up at about 10 PM. The weather steadily worsened, with huge waves developing. She sank between 3 and 4 AM the next day. Nineteen bodies were recovered, only one man survived. This grave marker is for eight of the unknown dead.
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