Van Ness - Parson's Sphinx
Van Ness - Parson's Sphinx

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY Photograph by A. Louise Myers at

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Inscription on the base of the son's memorial.

The memorial for their son who was lost at sea.  It is a representation of the Pharaoh’s daughter, Jochebed holding the baby Moses after finding him in the bullrushes.

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Van Ness - Parson's Sphinx

Greenwood Cemetery

Brooklyn, New York

October 2007


Egyptologist Albert Ross Parsons published New Light from the Great Pyramid in 1893 and died in 1933. He was also a noted composer and musician in his time. Also in the pyramid is Parsons’ wife Alice Schuyler Van Ness who died in 1931.

Alongside a pyramid-shaped mausoleum, this Sphinx seems appropriate. However, the life-size statues of Jesus and Mary holding baby Jesus, who holds a lamb, that flank the doors seem a tad strange, as is the space above the doors, which is emblazoned with a sun encircled by points of the zodiac and crowned by a crucifix. A mixed marriage? Covering all their bases? Also odd is the monument for their son, lost at sea, which appears to be an ancient Egyptian woman with a baby to suckle (see below).