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"Noboby Knows Him"

Grave of Joseph Furr

Greenmount Cemetery

Baltimore, Maryland



Baltimore painter Joseph Furr took excentricity to an extreme level.  He said in order to preserve the purity of his art, he would abandon all other ways of making money.  In doing this he took up a strange form of nutrition, eating cock roaches.  What he didn't realize was that roaches are regularly poisoned in an attempt to erradicate them, but, sadly for Mr. Furr, they often survive.  During the autopsy to determine the cause of the young man's death, the medical examiner found large amounts of allethrin, a synthetic compound found in commercial insecticides, in his blood.  In the investigation, no food was found in his apartment, only six glass jars of his prefered insects.  

Little is left of Furr's artistic legacy.  His artwork was inherited by his fundimentalist Christian sister, Kathleen Peoples, who deemed his work obscene and had it destroyed.  In 2006, three pieces were found in a warehouse he had rented back in 1973.  The two paintings and one mixed media piece were on display at the Baltimore Oddities Musuem, which seems to have closed it's doors.  

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Furr's work, please, contact me.  I will update this page if I find anything further out.