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Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne

"The Toast of Broadway!"

Forest Home Cemetery

March 2006



Widely known as the greatest American acting team from the 1920's until their retirement in the 1960's. The Lunts were longtime residents of Genessee Depot, 

Wisconsin. Their home, Ten Chimneys, was a gathering place for the great artists of the time such as Katherine Hepburn, Noel Coward, John Gielgud and Helen Hayes. 


The couple worked on the Broadway stage, not in film, so much of their legacy is lost. However, you can tour their home and get a taste of the glamorous life circa the first half of the Twentieth Century by visiting Ten Chimneys.  Ten Chimneys is now a museum and visitors can step back in time to see the house as the Lunts illustrious guests did.  

Here are The Lunts, Alfred and Lynn Fontanne in their car at Ten Chimneys, their home in Genessee Depot, Wisconsin.

“They really are the most extraordinary couple. They are sweet and warm and friendly…I love and admire them both so much.”


                                                         -- Noël Coward