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To the Memory of Our Beloved

Forest Home Cemetery

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

March 2006


This lady sits upon a Roman styled marble terrace. It is from the Pabst monument.


Frederick Pabst founded the Pabst Breweries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Nicholausreith, Bavaria, Germany, he immigrated with his parents in 1848, worked for a time as a cook in Chicago and later became captain and part owner of one of the Goodrich Steamship Lines' ships, the Huron, on the Great Lakes. In Milwaukee, he met the prominent brewer, Phillip Best, son of Jacob Best, and before long married Phillip's daughter Maria. 


Portrait of Frederick Pabst

from the Pabst Mansion, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Located on 20th and West Wisconsin Avenue, the Pabst Mansion is a must-see stop for those interested in Milwaukee’s storied history as the one-time “beer capital of the world,” as well as for fans of historical architecture. The mansion is also a very popular place for weddings, wedding receptions, and other private parties, and should be a standard stop on any Milwaukee Christmas holiday tour, as the mansion is particularly beautiful when decorated for the winter holidays.