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Allured to Brighter Worlds

Grave of Corinne Elliot Lawton

Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, Georgia

April 2004


This lovely marble sculpture depicts the eldest daughter of Brigadier General Alexander Robert Lawton, who fought in the Civil War.  Corinne Elliott Lawton (born September 21, 1846, died January 24, 1877), sitting gracefully beside a cross. The pedestal is inscribed with the words: "Allured to brighter worlds and led the way."


The figure was sculpted by reknowned artist Benedetto Civiletti of Palermo, Sicily in 1879.


Although there is a tale told by cemetery tour guides about her “ill fated love affair with a man beneath her station”, there is no evidence to back it up.  As many did during this time, Corinne passed away after a short illness.