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About the Photographer, A. Louise Myers Weston

"Photographing cemeteries for twenty years, I have traveled across the United States to capture the beautiful statuary hidden within them.  Each stone with a name carved on it has a story, many are sadly lost, but the monuments remain.  Clues to who these people were.  Nothing is more fascinating to me than that.

"Marble is tricky to photograph.  Light seems to be absorbed by it in some places as it beams off of it in others.  Some sculptures are so eroded by time and pollution that it takes some special light and angles to get any shot at all.  It is not unusual to see me perched precariously on a step ladder to get the shot with one of my long suffering daughters at the bottom trying to hold it steady on very soft and uneven ground.

" I continue to do this, because I believe this pieces of statuary should be seen and whatever stories I can find out about them should be told."

-- Louise

American Cemetery Magazine Cover Art
American Cemetery Magazine Cover Art

As a cemetery photographer and writer, Myers-Weston's work has appeared in the two leading industry magazines: American Cemetery and Funeral Director Magazine.  Two of her photographs have landed on the cover [pictured left].  She has had the privilege of working with historical societies, military associations, UCLA, the Catholic Sisters of St. Joseph, genealogy leagues, cemetery preservation organizations and as photographic reference on Wikipedia.  Her work has been shown and sold at juried art fairs across the Midwest.